Inception Lighting Installation

Inception Lighting is a RGB LED permanent installation roofline, lasting 10 years. The system is controlled via Wi-Fi with a built in calendar to change colors for special events and holidays. 


Feature 1

The lights are 12" spacing with three color nodes in each "bulb". These colors are Red, Green, and Blue aka: RGB. The combination of these colors of light can create any color of light on the light spectrum. Using your smartphone you can control the color changing calendar to make the lights green for St. Patties, red white + blue for 4th of July, and pink for breast cancer awareness. The possibilities are endless for any application. 


Feature 2

The track that is installed to mount the lights is color matched to the building and custom cut just like crown molding. 

Feature 3

From a distance, the track blends right into the architecture of this building. Miter cuts are made to fit the track onto any curve or corner.